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Serge Ferrari proposes solutions for many different applications.

As well as being the industry reference for solar protection, the company has also made a name for itself in the fields of tensile architecture, façade and acoustic solutions. Serge Ferrari supplies high performance products for modular structures, protection, environment and visual communication. The company is known worldwide for its expertise in yachting and furniture.
At last, we are engaged to improve health crisis by developing health applications.

solar protection

Thermal performance, energy savings, user comfort, discover our solar protection solutions.

tensile architecture

Lightweight, freedom of shape and natural light transmission for the creation of emblematic structures. Discover our tensioned architecture applications.


To improve indoor and outdoor acoustic comfort, discover our flexible, lightweight, durable and innovative solutions.


Protection against heat and dazzle, outside visibility, unique visual identity... The creative possibilities are infinite when it comes to façade coverings.

modular structure

Durability, compliance with fire safety norms, resistance to even the most severe weather conditions, discover Serge Ferrari's solutions for modular structures, tents and halls.

visual communication

Are you looking for an advertising tool that offers excellent colour rendering and lasting resistance to deformation? Discover our indoor and outdoor promotion solutions.

protection and environment

Serge Ferrari membranes are used in industrial and environmental facilities to ensure ever longer life times.


For slung seat or cover applications, Serge Ferrari composite fabrics are used on both indoor and outdoor furniture. They offer guaranteed resistance, durability, easy maintenance and contemporary design.


Total protection against UV, resistant to weather conditions, waterproof, easy to maintain, comfortable to handle and optimised storage! Discover our applications for yachts and motor boats.


To improve health conditions with unique antiviral treatment technology on surfaces dedicated to indoor applications​